Who We Are

We’ve done creative for self-starters and billion-dollar companies. The only constant is integrity. We choose people that we like to work with and make their goals our goals.


After working separately (but side by side) for over 15 years, we couldn’t help but notice how much impact and influence we have on each other’s projects. We approach ideas from two different directions and the outcomes are usually unexpected…and always something we’re proud of. Our special formula adds up to what can only be described as empathetic creativity. A respectful contrarian dialogue that is united to build lasting works of quality and beauty.

The Visionary

Raised creative, classically trained. Janet is an entrepreneur, author, product designer, and avid pursuer of whatever is next.

Daughter of a craftsman and craft store owner, making things is in Janet’s blood. Raised in North Carolina but drawn to the excitement and inspiration of the big city, Janet finished her education and started multiple career paths in New York. With dual degrees in marketing and jewelry design, Janet worked for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry with her work featured on the covers of BAZAAR, InStyle, Elle and more. Detail oriented and strongly independent, Janet left fine jewelry on an entrepreneurial mission to make the craft industry cool. As a founder and subscription model pioneer, Janet learned the ins and outs of the venture capital world both as a passionate bootstrapper and as a female leader in a boy’s club. Her work in the DIY sphere led to both her first book deal and helped push her first business past seven figures and 25,000 users.

After a decade long run in New York, Janet and her family moved back to North Carolina where she published her second book prior to founding Letter South.

Loyal to the cause. Collin is a storyteller, retail strategist, customer service guru, and connector of people.

Product of a multigenerational line of store owners and merchants, Collin has customer experience in his DNA. After earning a marketing degree (side by side with Janet), Collin launched into a business development role at a logistics startup, working to build marketing plans in expanding national markets. After chasing Janet to New York, a career shift into retail location consulting led to a quick jump into retail leadership. The dynamics of running a street-level business awoke a natural inclination to lead and inspire unparrelled service - sentiments that were naturally instilled, if not demanded, by those around him that were brought up in and around the family store. Collin is an avid reader, learner, and innovator in constant pursuit of small but significant change.

When not lending words and ideas to Letter South, Collin heads the Customer Experience division for a major national apparel brand. 


Our Method

Letter South is a client-focused design studio but we are much more than a team of designers. Think of us more as partners in your business. We take a consultative approach to understand your project - what’s working great and what could be changed. We break down your goals and how they relate to your long term vision. We weigh every route with painstaking care, sometimes uncovering opportunities you haven’t even considered. From there, we collaborate with you to build the best possible solution, prioritizing results over services. 

Branding and web design are considerable expenses, but they are also one of the most important investments you can make to grow your business. 

We understand that it takes vulnerability and trust to invite an outside perspective into your world. 


You want to be seen and heard, both on a business and human level. We understand this fundamental need and treat our relationships as our most valuable resource. You can expect us to follow up and follow through with clear expectations, positive communication, and dependable turnaround.


Not sure if now’s the time to invest in your brand? Our philosophy values long-term success over short-term income, placing emphasis on sustainability and trust. You can expect an honest assessment and solutions that allow you to reach your goals.


Even in the hands of experts, branding and design take serious time and effort. That’s time you can’t afford to waste if you’re focused on providing the best product and services you can deliver. Outsource the hard stuff to us so you can get back to doing what got you here. 


Powerful branding and dynamic websites are the most dependable assets your company can own. We will work with you to craft an impactful identity and a customized website that consistently attracts and converts new business.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Starting the creative process on your own can be overwhelming. With a seemingly endless sea of options and advice, you need a partner that cuts through the noise. We’ve done the research, found the best practices, and continue to dedicate time and energy to monitor evolving trends. We love that you’re looking for the answers. We’re here to help.

Our Mission

We are here to help businesses large and small turn their story into song. Craft thoughtful words and simple designs that are lasting, personal, and ultimately capable of changing communities.