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If you stop learning, you stop growing. Cliché? Maybe. True? Definitely. We are avid learners. And we’ve had some great teachers, mentors, and collaborators along the way. Your business shouldn’t be standing still - and a trusted guide can help you stay fresh and ahead of the curve. These are the best of the best.

Revolving Revenue

Looking to get into template design and build passive income as a designer, this is the source. Sam and Rachel are inspiring, confident, and refreshingly transparent. This course is an investment but we think the payoff is worth it.

Balanced Branding

This is an awesome look at the process behind design. Melissa’s approach brings affirming clarity to the processes every designer needs to support their creativity. Simply put, she helps make your work an experience instead of an outcome.

Standout Squarespace

Rache, aka the Squarestylist, is one of the most generous teachers you could ever hope to find. An absolute wealth of Squarespace knowledge, she provides incredibly deep training and accessibility throughout.

Hard work made easier with smart workflows. And it’s easy on the eyes. Creating a nuanced email strategy and building campaigns has never been more beautiful. Get 50% off your first year using the link above.

We’re still scratching the surface with Notion. It could replace everything. Project management with unexpected and thoughtful tools throughout. It’s like Pinterest meets Asana in the best way - with the simplicity of Notes.

The easiest way to send and share meaningful videos with clients and collaborators. This is a daily go-to for sharing design updates and capturing lasting, personalized tutorials. High quality video with the look and ease of GSuite.

An incredible business management suite for creatives, freelancers, and small businesses. Bonsai helps make business management manageable. Our go-to for the boring but critical steps -all in an intuitive and tidy package.

The Tools We Use

Our community is a generous one. We’re grateful for every tip and trick that we’ve picked up along the way. These tools make the four walls of our digital studio. Nothing superfluous. Just the essentials that are proven not only by us but by our amazing list of partners and clients. You may see affiliate links - we do earn a commission - but we only recommend what we’ve found to be tried and true.



We’ve tried many schedulers and it’s hard to beat the adaptable integrations with Calendly. Clean looks and nice customization without needing to know any code.

What else can be said about the ultimate suite of tools. Nothing is easier or more universal.

An amazing resource for the nitty-gritty details that EVERYONE needs. Our number one go-to for privacy policies and website disclaimers.

For a deep dive on all things legal, this is the place to get yourself covered. They do privacy and disclaimers as well - this is all about range.

One of the easiest and most often overlooked SEO hacks, TinyPNG makes image optimization easy with one simple tool. 

A robust but approachable platform, providing a broader canvas for customization without losing the flexibility and easy care that our clients need. Established and supported by a passionate community, Squarespace offers unparalleled versatility for pros and DIYers alike.

We build on and recommend this super versatile platform for its ease of use and image driven offerings. Tailored to creatives, Showit is a logical - and beautiful - platform for our clients that operate in a visual medium.

It’s like Etsy for web and brand designers. Broad and approachable, but deceptively deep, we’re big fans of the font and template options. Plus, there’s always something new to explore.

Other Friends & Helpful Links

Reveal the fonts (and driving APIs) of any web site with this amazingly simple hover tool. You’ll be a font snob or aficionado -you make the call - before you know it.

(that make our life easier)

A single-click, full web page screengrab. Opening in a separate tab, this extension makes full page layouts easily downloadable without any bloat or permission requests.

A must have for any web designer, giving you the quick ability to adjust and test design layouts based on browser resolution. 

Another priceless tool that makes development and research so much easier. This is like coding Cliff’s Notes for extracting CSS and understanding the styles on your screen.

Don’t let the name fool you. This is THE productivity tool for Squarespace designers. Save yourself (and your eyes) from pouring through code with this click/copy/paste shortcut.

A link checker that crawls your site, ensuring that each and every link is intact and working. An essential test before launch, keeping your site primed for UX and SEO.

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