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We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Ali to sunset her Alexandra Elise brand and bring the Ali Reed brand to life. Ali, a talented photographer and incredibly warm collaborator, approached us in 2022 with eyes on a complete overhaul of her already thriving business. With multiple goals in mind, we set off on a mission to help Ali maintain her strong positioning while introducing both a new look and a new name. Working closely with her to create something fresh but familiar, we covered every facet of her new identity. From brand identity and web design to nuanced copy creation, the full-scale approach ensured that Ali’s relaunch was a cohesive brand evolution - a natural but strategic progression of her platform.

Exploring the approach, we aimed to build a sophisticated identity anchored by an unforgettable group of elements. The distinct monogram and striking mirrored icon provide instant impact, setting the stage for her work. Bringing the viewer along on their journey, the crisp, editorial typeset is impactful and refined. Layered over an emotionally compelling backdrop of smoky, natural color, the effect creates a comforting and compelling mirror.


Our Clients Say the Nicest Things

“Thank you so much! This was such a huge commitment for me to make and you reassured me every step of the way, and encouraged me, and I never felt uncomfortable at all during the process. It’s like you read my mind on all fronts, and totally surpassed anything I ever envisioned! Everything you created is so, so true to me!”

– Ali Reed

Supporting elements

Feminine and thoughtful, the bookplate-inspired monogram and supporting elements have a well-traveled, continental sensibility. The lithe lead font is graceful while preserving a confident sense of command through the strong serifs. Complimented by the modern, barely-there serifs in the supporting font, the combination reads both classic and current.

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