A sunny diversion, Alucie takes shape as a brand development concept escape. The name, a playful reinterpretation of the French root word for light, adds a playful bounce to mirror the warm spirit of the neighborhood patisserie. Shimmering yet assertive, the distinct weighting and rich color of this concept evokes something more decadent. A feeling that takes the bakery - and the delight within - from afternoon to evening. 

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Alucie lives in our minds as a brand evolution, passing from one generation to the next. Paying homage to the past while ushering in a new guard, Alucie’s branding walks a fine line between tribute and forced modernity. A mainstay of le septiéme, Alucie has built a reputation for consistency and creativity. A welcoming center for indulgence that sheds avant-garde pretense in favor of a naturally cool simplicity. Respecting history and craft, we imagined a new stamp - effortless and uncomplicated - that brings instant recognition. Something that can be incorporated seamlessly into daily life yet possesses the ability to become a beacon through color and application. Refined and luxurious, yet, above all, approachable.

Vibrant, layered colors amplify the jewel-tone sparks of tropical fruit and rich chocolatey textures, confidently embracing creativity without the restriction of rigid, modern design. 


History Redefined

The stamped “A” draws similar lines to the base of the Eiffel Tower, itself an immovable touchstone of the seventh arrondissement. Shimmering, standing alone throughout a city of light, it is instantly recognizable and not to be forgotten. Wrapped in an oval border - a symbol of a community’s embrace - the stamp conjures the feelings of an older time. Something done by hand that, in turn, is applied by the hand of a craftsperson. Still, the bold weighting and vibrant backdrop invite you to something that is moving forward. An identity that conjures the fantastical, pushing boundaries without reserve or aspiration. An authentic pursuit. Timeless. Pure.

Supporting elements

Strong serifs in the lead mark instill an established air of expertise while straying from the ubiquitous call for 19th-century script. The soft curves introduce movement throughout placing Alucie comfortably between those stuck in time and those prescribed to the strict, cold lines of modern haute cuisine.

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