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Since 2018, Gramercy Gift Guide has been the go-to destination for unforgettable keepsakes and gifting inspiration for New Yorkers and beyond. Relying on years of experience buying and planning for some of the most recognizable brands in luxury, founder Meryl Tevrizian seeks out the most thoughtful and memorable tokens of appreciation. Gramercy Gift Guide came to us in search of a fresh brand identity that was sweet and enticing while being scalable and dynamic. An image that was instantly recognizable on its own but equally and readily supportive of other brands. Expansive but familiar, a cohesive identity to impress a dual sense of trust and impeccable taste.

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This concept brings forth an elegant and expansive suite of emotive brandmark and symbols. Intentional and direct, yet supremely approachable, this suite is tailor-made for playing well with others, without losing an ounce of personal style. The ranging identity is easily deployable across any touchpoint with compact marks, thoughtfully transposed type-driven leads, and sweetly sprawling prints. Framed in a playful but trustworthy blue, the overall look is effortlessly timeless - a perfect blend of nostalgic familiarity and crisp freshness.

Intentional and direct, yet supremely approachable, this diverse suite offers multiple options in every application, allowing GGG to seamlessly blend in with nearly 1000 different products without losing an ounce of personal style. 


While type-driven, the logo is not bound by one set of rules, instead it uses a centering theme of balance, placement, and approachability. Building on the sense and thought of a hand-chosen gift, the icon and monogram variations are equally at home set in stamp, tag, and print. No matter the vehicle, this delivery feels special. 

Our Clients Say the Nicest Things

“I loved my experience working with Janet. My business was no small feat to rebrand because I had a number of visual assets I didn’t want to part with. Janet had to rebrand while still keeping some of the old DNA alive, and she seamlessly executed the challenge. She listens and truly becomes a brand partner. Additionally, her punctuality and process is extremely professional. The breadth of her skillset is also unique. Letter South has helped my business with everything from logo, web design, social media, and even packaging design.”

Meryl Tevrizian, Owner

Supporting elements

This color palette is an exciting spin on a traditional and trustworthy blue, with contrasting hues filling a wide range of applications. The bright and soft blues play together nicely though they are fully capable of standing alone. The soft cream and velum are a nod to tactile keepsakes and handwritten notes, providing an airy canvas for bolder tones. The sand provides a grounding, human element while the black packs a striking editorial edge. 

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