By Colette Photo

By Colette Photo is a fine art, family, and wedding photographer known for clean yet raw images that perfectly reflect the passion and excitement of her client’s most special days. Her unique perspective and energetic eye puts her in the perfect place to catch the most fleeting moments while her engaging personality and thoughtful approach ensure that her clients live their perfect day with a trusted collaborator and storyteller. The result is a beautiful, honest, timeless account and an unforgettable experience.

Branding & Visual Identity
Collateral & Print Design




Steeped in modern luxury, the interchangeable elements of this identity make a statement regardless of layout. Purposefully type-driven. Simple and clean, yet miles from boring. This contemporary look is created through an intentional blend of serif and sans serif to make each line pop with style. The logo leads with a classic Victorian font, balancing great verticality with shorter terminals. The vibe nods to the 70’s until the fashion-inspired subheading brings it right back to the present. Combined, the main logo is strikingly editorial. A modern but timeless ensemble. 

The BCP monogram is classic and timeless, eschewing flourish for something confident and lasting. The interlocking initials are a subtle homage to the desire and value of connectivity - both demonstrated and realized in the experience and the end product. Encased in the thin rectangle, the mark is boldly self-aware and comfortable with restraint.


Undaunted in approach and unrivaled in the industry, the taglines are no backup singer. The simplicity of the Monogram stamp, set against the tagline sticker suite, is savagely bold without needing weight to convey that message. Simply put, the tagline options cement a cool, self assured identity that stands alone as desirable and modern in a light and airy industry. 

Supporting elements

An elevated, luxurious presence that communicates feeling and focus. A visual identity built for evolution, capable of transcending the wedding industry without sacrificing personality and soul.

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