Mayker is an innovative design powerhouse based in Nashville, renowned for its exceptional ability to create spaces that resonate with elegance and welcoming warmth. With a keen eye for design and an unwavering commitment to quality, Mayker offers a unique mix of guidance, products, tools, and inspiration, empowering individuals to envision authentic expressions of space regardless of setting or venue. Presenting a unique intersection of innovative and personalized service, Mayker has emerged as a discovery destination for the finest design resources in the Southeast.

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We were approached by the team at Mayker to help rei-imagine their brand identity - one that celebrated ten years of growth while aligning its multiple verticals under one cohesive banner. The brand envisioned a facelift that would infuse warmth, welcome, and a refined elegance previously missed - Something neutral but defined. Together, we created a fresh new brand presence that reflected both a restrained and versatile sense of minimalism while offering a soft, tactile feeling reminiscent of warm, organic materials. 

Offering a fresh perspective on modern serifs while preserving a quirky but welcoming sense of earnestness, this concept blends bold weight with the soft, broad endpoints in the considered leading mark, to evoke a welcoming embrace. Careful kerning brings the letters close together, unifying the Mayker name while lending a solidified sense of permanence. An elegant, intertwined mirror of the letter “M” enters as a striking and sophisticated icon. Timeless and foundational, it projects a tasteful sense of discerning cool without pretense. 


Business Cards

Supporting elements

Built to add visual depth in an immersive retail setting, we developed a range of seasonal color palettes to connect their neutral core products with the emotional draw of specific seasonal needs. In addition to the main brand color palette, layered alternate brand colors have been carefully selected to convey the perfect tone for specific times of year. Enhancing visual merchandising with impactful signage and compelling windowscapes, these extended brand elements keep customers engaged and interested in returning to see what's new.

Supporting elements

As an oasis of inspiration, Mayker has expanded its offerings into multiple verticals and mini-brands housed all under one recognizable umbrella. Tying each sub-brand together under a strong, singular mark lends a calming reassurance that the care, service, and quality radiates equally in each division of expertise. The nuanced blend of weight and movement in the shared lead invites the playful personality introduced by the individual script names of each brand pillar. 

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