Lokina Denim

Lokino emerges as a refreshing presence in the California fashion scene, embodying the playful coolness and laid-back sophistication that denim lovers seek. Rooted in the sun-kissed lifestyle of the West Coast, Lokino offers a thoughtful mix of foundational staples crafted in premium organic textiles. Their curated line of sustainable denim products empower wearers to express their unique style while minimizing the environmental impact often associated with denim goods. 

Branding & Visual Identity




Entering a crowded landscape, Lokina aimed to create a unique brand identity reflective of it’s pursuit of innovation and integrity - not often driving principles in the denim industry as a whole. The brand envisioned a simple but iconic, type-driven mark that would infuse a laid-back coolness and sophistication intrinsic to California's style. One that would provide ample space for amplifying imagery, both playful and refined. Our collaboration led to the creation of a brand presence that seamlessly combines minimalist aesthetics with the tactile, authentic feel of high-quality denim, encapsulating Lokina's commitment to crafting pieces that are, themselves, soulful and iconic.

Lokina's refreshed brand marks capture the essence of California cool with a playful twist on classic denim textures, integrating bold, contemporary serifs with soft, approachable curves. This design strategy, particularly evident in the unique, custom-lettered branding, fosters a sense of welcoming warmth while maintaining a confident, sturdy foundation. The introduction of a stylized "L" emblem serves as a nod to Lokina's heritage and forward-thinking ethos, offering a simple yet powerful symbol that resonates with the brand's core values of freedom and individuality. This blend of modernity and approachability defines Lokina's renewed identity, striking the perfect balance between innovation and timeless appeal.


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